Reasons to Seek Genetics
What the geneticist does Medical genetics is a part of human genetics that studies diseases and pathologies caused by heredity. A genetic doctor studies hereditary diseases and the conditions under…

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Gonorrhea, or gonorrhea
What it is Not everyone knows that gonorrhea and gonorrhea are one and the same disease related to sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea is a term used in official medicine, but…

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What is the danger of vitamin C deficiency?
Frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, high irritability, especially in combination with bleeding gums, may indicate a lack of vitamin C. Therefore, do not rush to take an analgesic. You may need…

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Prostatitis and infertility

The desire for procreation is one of the basic human needs.

Any man treats his sexual health with special trepidation. It is important for him to have a good erection. But it is equally important to be able to fertilize. Any sexual disorders significantly reduce a man’s self-esteem, are accompanied by prolonged depression, and reduce labor productivity.

Diseases of the organs of the male reproductive system inevitably lead to a deterioration in sexual function. The degree of its severity may be different, but it will be present necessarily. Moreover, modern medicine considers sexual function as an integral indicator of male health. Continue reading

Bags under the eyes: what to do?

Before undertaking anything, it is necessary to find out the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon. Only then can you find a way to get rid of bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes appear either due to swelling, or due to the proliferation of adipose tissue. They can only be a cosmetic defect, but they can also indicate serious diseases.

In what cases do bags appear in a healthy person?
If the bags occur in the morning, after sleep, and during the day they decrease or disappear, then their cause is edema caused by fluid retention in the body. This may be the result of a passion for salty foods, drinking alcohol (even a single, but in a large dose), lack of sleep. Another purely “female” reason for the appearance of bags is an increase in estrogen levels before menstruation. Continue reading

Urticaria on the body

Urticaria is not one, but a whole group of diseases that have a different nature, but have the same symptoms – the appearance on the skin of blisters similar to a nettle burn (hence the name “urticaria”). The disease is quite common. So, according to research, at least once in a lifetime a third of the world’s population has encountered it.

What is urticaria
Depending on the duration of the urticaria may be:

acute – lasts up to 6 weeks (from the appearance of the first to the disappearance of the last blister).
chronic – lasts more than 6 weeks; Continue reading

How is a deficiency of vitamins of group B
If health begins to fail, and the reflection in the mirror does not please at all, then thoughts about vitamin deficiency immediately arise. To replenish the supply of nutrients, the…


What is acupuncture and how does it work Acupuncture, or acapuncture, is an ancient method of treatment based on the action of needles on the so-called biologically active points of…


What are the signs of low hemoglobin?
A lower than normal hemoglobin level in the blood is not in itself a disease. But this is a symptom that indicates that health is not all right. Moreover, it…


How to determine vitamin deficiency
Vitamin deficiency - a deficiency of vitamins in the body - manifests itself in different ways depending on which vitamin is missing. More often faced with a lack of several…