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How to relieve allergies in the spring

For many people, spring sunny days are overshadowed by sneezing, coughing, red eyes and a runny nose. 40% of the adult population suffers from seasonal allergies, and the peak of exacerbations occurs precisely in the spring. A surge in the incidence is observed in late April and early May, at which time trees and shrubs begin to bloom.

Spring allergies can be triggered not only by pollen of plants, but also by poor nutrition, weakened immunity, and low stress resistance of the body.

How to recognize seasonal allergies
Allergy is a response of the body to irritating factors. When allergens enter the body, the main task of the immune system is to destroy antigens, and it begins to fight them intensely, as a result, the protein histamine is produced, which is the culprit of all the unpleasant symptoms of allergies.

The main allergens are chemicals, medicines and herbal remedies, food, dust, fluff, mold and pollen. Depending on the type of antigen, different symptoms appear and individual treatment is selected.

Pollen allergy
Symptoms of spring allergy (hay fever) appear suddenly and persist for a long time until the flowering of plants ends. Often the symptoms of hay fever are confused with the manifestations of the common cold and the wrong treatment is started, which exacerbates the problem.

The characteristic symptoms of seasonal allergies are conjunctivitis, tearing, nasal congestion and swelling, sore throat. In some cases, the skin becomes dry and peeling, skin rashes may occur, accompanied by itching and redness.

Symptoms of general intoxication of the body are sometimes observed – weakness, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, sweating. The appearance of dry cough may be accompanied by attacks of bronchial asthma.

In order not to confuse allergies with colds, it should be remembered that allergic reactions are not accompanied by an increase in body temperature. Respiratory diseases disappear after 7-10 days, and with pollinosis, symptoms persist for a month. In any case, you must immediately consult a doctor and begin competent treatment.

How to relieve spring allergies
Any therapy begins with an accurate diagnosis. To do this, the patient needs to donate blood for a laboratory test, which will confirm the presence of antibodies in the blood. The most effective diagnostic method is considered to be skin tests, which help to quickly identify the allergen and choose the optimal treatment.

Avoid contact with allergens.
The most effective way to deal with allergies is to avoid contact with allergens. This method perfectly helps in cases of allergies to household chemicals, animal hair, sometimes you just need to exclude some product from food. But in case of an allergy to flowering, contact with the allergen cannot be completely avoided.

Drug use
Doctors strongly recommend taking a vacation and moving to another region during the dusting of plants that cause allergic reactions. And if spring exacerbations become threatening to life and health, it is worth thinking about changing the permanent residence.

Drug treatment
Taking antihistamines is the most common way to deal with seasonal allergies. These drugs do alleviate the symptoms, but it’s important to understand that they do not treat allergies, but only temporarily improve well-being. In addition, all drugs have their contraindications and side effects, so taking them without a doctor’s prescription is unsafe for health.

When to start drinking allergy pills in spring
In most cases, a person starts taking antihistamines when he is very worried about unpleasant symptoms. But doctors recommend starting treatment 2-3 weeks before the beginning of the flowering flowering plants. In addition, the body of an allergy sufferer very quickly gets used to a specific drug, so the drugs used must be changed periodically.

This technique is based on the introduction of an allergen in an increasing dosage into the human body. With this approach, the body gradually gets used to a certain irritant, therefore, during flowering, the patient has unpleasant symptoms or is manifested in a milder form.

But immunotherapy is a long process, it is carried out for several weeks, when a sufficient amount of time remains before the spring exacerbation. To achieve maximum effect, immunization is preferably carried out annually. As practice shows, after 3-4 years, the symptoms of seasonal allergies completely disappear.

Hypoallergenic diet
During an exacerbation of the disease, the diet should be light foods with a predominance of hypoallergenic vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to abandon honey, nuts, citrus fruits, chocolate, sweet sodas from red and orange vegetables and fruits.

Light foods should be used during allergies.
Also, do not get involved in exotic foods. Add cereals and dairy products to the diet.

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