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Urticaria on the body

Urticaria is not one, but a whole group of diseases that have a different nature, but have the same symptoms – the appearance on the skin of blisters similar to a nettle burn (hence the name “urticaria”). The disease is quite common. So, according to research, at least once in a lifetime a third of the world’s population has encountered it.

What is urticaria
Depending on the duration of the urticaria may be:

acute – lasts up to 6 weeks (from the appearance of the first to the disappearance of the last blister).
chronic – lasts more than 6 weeks;
episodic – with an acute onset and a short course.
According to the development mechanism, urticaria is most often allergic with an immediate reaction. This means that the symptoms of the disease develop as soon as the allergen enters the body. Such urticaria appears after eating certain foods or insect bites.

In addition, immunocomplex and anaphylactoid mechanisms of the development of the disease are possible, but they are less common.

Urticaria can be autoimmune in nature, when the immune system perceives the tissues of its own organism as foreign, and can also be caused by liver pathology, in which the destruction of histamine, an active participant in allergic inflammation, is impaired.

Factors causing urticaria
There are a lot of them. Let’s consider some of them.

Products Most often, hives are caused by citrus fruits, strawberries, fish and seafood, cow’s milk, eggs, nuts.

Medicines: antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vaccines. Urticaria may not begin immediately, but a few days or even weeks after stopping the medication.

Bites of insects, especially bees, wasps, hornets. Blisters after a bite can last a day.

Skin contact with chemicals – household products, latex.

Physical effects: sun, cold, water, pressure, vibration, mechanical skin irritation.

Diseases Some diseases can also cause hives, including viral and bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasitic diseases, dysbiosis, gastric ulcer and gastritis, hormonal disorders, lymphoproliferative diseases, systemic diseases of connective tissue, and malignant tumors.

But in the vast majority of cases, it is not possible to find out the cause of the blisters on the skin. And then doctors talk about idiopathic (i.e., of unknown origin) urticaria.

How is urticaria on the body
The main symptom of urticaria is the appearance of rashes on the skin – blisters resembling a nettle burn or an insect bite mark. The skin near the blister is red, itching is felt. Blisters can merge to form gigantic elements. As a rule, rashes are located symmetrically. However, they can occur on any part of the body.

Rashes disappear most often after 24 hours, sometimes they last for several days. At the same time, there are no traces: spots, scars, peeling – no more. This is a characteristic sign of urticaria on the body.

How to get rid of hives on the body
Acute urticaria, which develops on a one-time contact with an allergen, for example, with an insect bite, passes by itself during the day and does not require special treatment. To eliminate itching, you can use lotions and take an antihistamine (see First aid for insect bites).

But chronic urticaria can be dangerous, because with prolonged exposure to the allergen or its high dose, severe swelling can occur. In some cases, urticaria may be a manifestation of anaphylactic shock or Quincke’s edema. What should alert:

lowering blood pressure;
swelling of the neck, tongue;
feeling of lack of air;
acute abdominal pain;
loss of consciousness.
With such symptoms, an ambulance must be urgently called.

Well, if there are no such dangerous manifestations, but urticaria is constantly tormenting, you need to see a doctor.

The first thing to do with urticaria is to remove the provoking factor. And here is where the main difficulty lies. Firstly, there are many such factors, and it is not easy to identify which disease caused it. Have to do a large number of various analyzes. And secondly, as mentioned above, most cases of urticaria belong to the idiopathic form, that is, it is not possible to determine what caused itchy blisters on the body.

Traditionally, with urticaria, antihistamines are used. Sometimes with a chronic form of the disease they will have to be taken for a long time, for several months. Protective agents can be used: sun creams with UV factor, creams with protection from low temperatures.

A mandatory component of the treatment of urticaria is a hypoallergenic diet and a certain lifestyle, including some limitations. So, with hives you can not smoke and drink alcohol. If possible, avoid strong unrest, stressful situations. It is not recommended to be in the sun for a long time, to overheat. In no case can not sunbathe.

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